We are an innovative team of cyber security solution developers, with over 20 years of experience working for UK Government, Corporates & Businesses.

In 2002, we launched one of the first End-to-End Encrypted Backup software products for cloud service providers and corporates. In 2015, we launched an End-to-End Encrypted Supply Chain Collaboration platform based on Distributed Ledgers. In 2021, we are launching our first open source platforms.

We have also delivered a wide range of Cyber Security projects, sponsored by UK Government:

  • Secure Remote Working in the Supply Chain – distributed ledgers
  • Secure medical collaboration – distributed ledgers & secure devices
  • Encrypted data processing in the cloud – encrypted distributed ledgers
  • Automated cyber threat detection & response – using artificial intelligence
  • Security hardened appliances – using commodity components
  • Insider threat detection – using psychological analysis
  • Robotic data centres – reducing human risk factors

Please get in touch, if you want any help with your own cyber security projects.