Democratic Access Controls On Shared Information Assets

Julian Dean is design authority, Dimitrios Zervas is lead developer.

This is a new open source project, which will incorporate many of the Secure Supply Chain Collaboration features that were previously only available in our proprietary products, combined with new cyber security features emerging from our most recent research.

We want to protect the democratic rights of Data Subjects & Controllers to privacy & security under EU & international law, by creating an open source data sharing platform that is managed entirely by Members. Data Controllers define Data Access Groups & select Gatekeepers in a Master Blockchain. Granular Data Access Control (DAC) in pegged Community Blockchains is enforced by Gatekeepers with Threshold Encryption & Users with End-to-End Encryption.

Users & Gatekeepers use Raspberry Pi 4 devices running Xen to run security hardened Unikernels, which isolate the User, Machine, Network & Blockchain interfaces. Gatekeepers can optionally run Unikernels in the cloud, which integrate with cloud storage providers.

Unikernels use Simple Energy Efficient Blockchain (SEEB) to ensure immutable records are reliably replicated across the global Membership, using RAID 6 with a two-stage data stripe replication protocol over UDP, and distribute off-chain data storage redundantly, optionally across multiple cloud service providers.

We plan to deliver a Technical Reference Manual & Reference Implementation, which will allow the new data sharing platform to be managed securely & democratically by Members.

Critical users & machines collaborate with global networks of peers via Reasonably Secure Computing Environments, which handle all interaction with the Untrusted Network & Untrusted Cloud Service Providers used by Gatekeepers.

We are also looking for potential users, who would like to work with the project team, to discover how it can be applied to their specific use-cases.